about us



TACTICAL GAMES was created by a Japanese designer in early 2017.

Our mission is to develop and produce high quality fun games, in both digital and analog formats. It is our goal to produce high quality games which are not only enjoyable but also have beautiful visuals and to constantly release games that will be loved and played by people all over the world for many years to come.

Our Vision

  • ブランド力を継続的に高め、継続的に新規ゲームを提供します。
  • アナログゲームに注目が集まる様に活動します。
  • 私たちのゲームで人をハッピーにします。
  • We aim to establish a strong brand and constantly provide new games.
  • We strive to get people’s attentions to analog games.
  • We will make people happy with our games.